Sunday, May 08, 2011

Pictures "before" the show

For the show on Saturday they had built a small stage and moved the dolls a bit.

Anders Lind did start the show with some information about the tape. A swedish group Hansson and Karlsson had played at Gyllene Cirkeln on the day before. He didn't take the taperecorder with him that night because it's rather heavy. He asked Pink Floyd and their manager the next day if he could record the show. The manager had answered "If you promise not to do anything stupid or bad" which he promised not to do.

The tape started with an English DJ, then Anders had edit the tape for the jam session. Anders told us after the session Roger is saying "Nobody is ever gonna hear that one again, before or since". Anders think that Before or Since could be a good name for the jamsesson and it's about 7 min long.

So the first song of the evening is Matilda Mother, which is about 5 min long. Very difficult to hear Syds voice, you hear some in the beginning.

Next song is Pow R Toch which is about 11 min long. Good playing from everyone.

Next song is Scream Thy Last Scream which is about 3 min long. Very very difficult to hear anything of Syds voice.

Next song is Set The Controls For The Heart Of The Sun which is about 7 min long. You can hear Roger saying "It's called Set The Controls For The Heart Of The Sun" You hear a little of Rogers voice. It's hard to hear the lyrics, more of someone singing something.

Next song is See Emily Play which is about 3 min long. Don't know if I can hear any voice from Syd cos the audience is singing to the famous lines.......... (not 1967 but 2011). This version sounds a bit different to the single version.

Last song is Interstellar Overdrive which is about 10 min long. A very good version to my ears. Here you can hear that Syd is not yet lost, which Anders also did say before the show. A couple of weeks later, he was lost forever...........

So ends another week, wonder what's happen next week.

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